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"Excellence in healthcare requires collaboration between the provider side and the patient as well as his or her family. Excellence 24/7's P
atient Outreach provides an effective method of obtaining and effectively utilizing access to the collaborative process."






Additional Offerings

Offerings for Other Industries

Many of the same processes and tools that Excellence 24/7 uses to support
our healthcare clients are also available to and applicable in other industries.

All Industries

Employee Engagement and Feedback

Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a property of the relationship between an organization and its employees. An "engaged employee" is one who is fully absorbed by and enthusiastic about their work and thus takes positive actions to further the organization's reputation and interests.

The comprehensive Excellence 24/7 Employee Engagement effort begins with the development of a customized employee outreach process derived from the needs of the specific client and continues through assisting the client to whatever extent may be necessary or desirable in utilizing results to improve. Ask us for more information.

360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback is a system or process in which employees receive confidential, anonymous feedback from the people who work around them. This typically includes at a minimum the employee's manager, peers, and direct reports.

Excellence 24/7 works with many of our clients in the development of and subsequently conducting 360 Degree Feedback analysis. And as with the employee engagement process, the support we offer goes beyond delivering the results of the analysis. Our experienced counsel and support often prove quite beneficial in the following individual employee debriefing sessions as well.



Many of the Excellence 24/7 Healthcare products have very
direct application in the hospitality industry.

Guest Pre-Arrival Outreach
The pre-appointment concept as is so effectively incorporated into the Excellence 24/7 Patient Outreach Process has equally beneficial application in the hospitality industry. Contacting guests several days prior to their arrival to better learn any of their special requests or to solicit any questions they may have enables our hotel clients to offer a highly personalized level of service.

Guest Post Departure Feedback
The Excellence 24/7 Post Departure Feedback Process is initiated by a thank you e-mail to the guest which is sent on their day of departure. And the initial e-mail can be supplemented by subsequent reminders based on client preference. The near instant feedback supplied to the hotel enables many high impact applications, including prompt recovery efforts where necessary, and equally important, the providing of instant recognition to staff members that earned positive feedback from the guest.

Both hotel and free-standing restaurants are well served by the Excellence 24/7 customer feedback process. Many of our restaurant clients solicit feedback through the use of tablet devices with internet connectivity at the conclusion of the dining experience. Other clients find that the use of quick response codes is an effective way to gain customer feedback. And of course, e-mail invitations are always amongst the most effective in generating customer input. Regardless of the method used to reach out to the customer, the benefits of being able to promptly recover where necessary are significant. And maybe most importantly the organizational culture impact of immediate recognition of positive employee performance is where the greatest benefits lie.

As with restaurants, both hotel and free-standing spas find value in the Excellence 24/7 processes. Post-treatment feedback for spas is often times generated in a fashion similar to our restaurant customers with the same types of benefits accruing. But additionally, for our spa clients we see much value in a pre-appointment outreach enabling the customer to share any special condition they may have as well as make any special requests they may desire.

Excellence 24/7 has developed a three-pronged approach to evaluating client banquet and special event handling.

A pre-event outreach is sent to the event organizer two weeks prior to the event which
provides the client with a view of the effectiveness of their sales process and as well
uncovers any potential issues that may be in the mind of the event organizer.

The day of the event, an event evaluation is sent to the organizer by e-mail generating
similar organizational benefits as mentioned above in the restaurant evaluations.

And two weeks following the event once again the organizer is contacted which
provides E24/7 clients the opportunity to understand and evaluate the level of
aftercare provided to their clients.

Private Clubs

Private clubs are where Excellence 24/7 first launched
many of our processes and is an area where we continue to focus.

Annual Member Satisfaction Surveys

We have for many years conducted annual member satisfaction surveys for our private club clients. Response rates to these efforts are generally quite high and through the process, our club clients gain a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of their efforts to meet and exceed member expectations in all areas of their operation.
Ongoing Service Evaluations including Food & Beverage, Spa, Recreational Facilities, Member Services and Similar

In many private clubs, we as well have in place tools that enable our client to monitor member satisfaction on an ongoing basis. The methods used to solicit member feedback and the benefits accrued to the client mirror those described above in the restaurant and spa presentations.


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