Leigh I. G. Iverson, MD (May 2017)

Leigh I. G. Iverson, MD, ACS Fellow 5 stars
"Excellence in healthcare requires collaboration between the provider side and the patient as well as his or her family. Excellence 24/7's P
atient Outreach provides an effective method of obtaining and effectively utilizing access to the collaborative process."

Staff Experiences

Healthcare Staff Survey Responses

After clients work with Excellence 24/7 for six months, we survey department heads and frontline supervisors who use our tools and interact with us on a daily basis, and we continue to solicit their feedback on a semi-annual basis thereafter. Staff responses have been as follows.

What Works Well & What Should We Do Differently, As a Part Of the Patient Outreach Process?

"Parents and guardians seem to love this system! It helps that they can just submit a question and we are personally calling them back to answer questions and help to alleviate some anxiety about the exam, prior to arriving here for the exam."

"The output we receive is truly great. We found that this opens up a clear line of communication between us and families."

"We are having more patients arrive on time and seem to be having fewer no-shows since they are being reminded of with the email."

"I feel that everything works I love the communication with the families and I also enjoy receiving the feedback good or bad."

"The process itself. We seem to seldom have any patients that 'fall through the cracks.' The ability to handle issues and concerns prior to the patient's arrival is a tremendous help for both the patient as well as the staff. The ability to give that added 'we really care about you' is hard to measure. I think we have experienced an added bonus by having the modality-specific issues routed to the individual areas. The staff members who have been chosen to respond to the questions have really taken ownership of that task. They are made to feel much more a part of the whole patient satisfaction experience. When a patient and their family have had a great experience, there is a sense of pride of a job well done that is extremely satisfying."

Have You Observed Any Changes In the Workplace As a Result Of The Process?

"We have certainly observed changes in the workplace. Our staff really appreciate the positive feedback and recognition we get from families. As a supervisory staff, we truly enjoy providing this lovely as well as often specific feedback to staff."

"YES, our Press Ganey scores have gone up and I have even noticed patients are prepped better because they are able to inquire directly to the sonographers when they have questions about preps."

"It is great feedback for the staff. The positive comments are uplifting and motivating."

"Staff love to know they were recognized by name...I love reading them and emailing parents etc. I LOVE IT."

"Absolutely, we are already seeing patients anticipate getting the surveys. Our guests are much more relaxed and less stressed coming to a procedure that they have been able to have all concerns regarding the unknown addressed prior to arrival. In radiology, the term '24/7' has become simply part of our vernacular. The staff knows that excellence is expected and that is the goal to strive for when customer service is the topic."

Happy Staff Member

The Excellence 24/7 Patient Outreach Process Is Of Value To Us In Our Efforts To Provide the Very Best Possible Patient Care.

Excellent Patient Outreach Process Chart

What our clients are saying after utilizing the Excellence 24/7 Patient Outreach Process for the first year:

In answer to the question: “What works well and what should we do differently, as a part of the Patient Outreach Process?”

“I think the pre-survey is an invaluable service. Reaching out to our patients and their families before they arrive to help lower their stress level has been very well received by our guests. I also have come to value and anticipate the post-surveys. It is always helpful to know how we can do better for our patient's next time they visit, as well as what we did really well for them too. I love when staff members are recognized and praised for the wonderful things they do. I think that the during- survey is the least utilized tool in the process. I believe that is because the pre-surveys are handled so completely and efficiently.”

“The pre-appointment opportunity for the parent to ask questions and seek clarity huge part of this process. It is great getting the good feedback and not good feedback after the exam, but to be able to answer a few questions and make the patient and parent experience better is truly beneficial to our department.”

In answer to the question: “Have you observed any changes in the workplace as a result of the process?”

“Absolutely, the very culture of our radiology department has been changed. We have gotten to the point now that patients will say I had questions, but I knew someone would reach out to us before our visit, so I was completely prepared for the exam. Which is amazing because that tells me that not only have we changed the culture of our department, but that of our patient’s expectations as well.”

“Absolutely. This system provides us the opportunity to better prepare patients for upcoming appointments, make improvements to our processes for our patients, and give staff recognition from families. Great system!!”

In answer to the question: “What future enhancements of the Excellence 24/7 process would you like to see implemented in 2018?”
“Can't think of anything at the moment! Great process to have here!”