Leigh I. G. Iverson, MD (May 2017)

Leigh I. G. Iverson, MD, ACS Fellow 5 stars
"Excellence in healthcare requires collaboration between the provider side and the patient as well as his or her family. Excellence 24/7's P
atient Outreach provides an effective method of obtaining and effectively utilizing access to the collaborative process."






How It Works

The Comprehensive Excellence 24/7 Patient Outreach Process

Our process enables seamless communication between the patient and your organization before, during, and after treatment.
The process is initiated through a single communication link supported by strategically timed reminders supplied via email to
the patient. Using a smartphone or any computer with connectivity, patients use this link to accomplish the following:


Confirm, reschedule, or cancel an appointment.


Communicate to your organization any special needs before an appointment.


Ask questions regarding an upcoming appointment.


Share observations or comments with your organization about the visit to the facility.


Receive appropriate study-specific preparation instructions.


Contact your organization regarding post-treatment questions.



Communication Processing
and Documentation

Upon patient submission of a communication, a set of predefined criteria is used to immediately identify the appropriate party or parties within your organization to receive the patient submittal. All data, as submitted by the patient, are transmitted electronically in a format that allows staff to take appropriate and immediate follow-up actions, communicate with the patient, and report/document actions and communications.

Status Of The Issue
Easy-To-Access Reports

The staff member's submission of actions taken is incorporated into summary reports. The online summary reports enable the administration to easily review patient feedback 24/7 in conjunction with the organization's real-time response. Reports include the following:

  • Time of patient submittal.
  • Patient-specific information.
  • Patient input.
  • Staff member name.
  • Time of staff member's response.
  • Department involved within the client organization.
  • Specific actions that were taken and/or follow-up actions required by others.
  • Status of an issue (fully resolved, partially resolved, open).

Quick Response Methodology

In addition to delivering correspondence to each scheduled patient, we use a QR methodology facility-wide to provide every individual with a voice. Family members, unscheduled patients, and volunteers (to name a few) can communicate directly with a member of the management team at all times.

Encouraging Employee Engagement

Engaged team members are crucial to a healthy, positive, and strong organization. Part of our process is a complimentary employee engagement QR code that provides 24/7 access to all employees. Representing their perspective is crucial to the success of any patient satisfaction program. Knowing and understanding employee expectations, clarification, and feedback are critical to helping employees stay engaged, involved, and committed. Good working environments foster productivity, ethical behavior, and accountability. In addition to the "Your Opinion Matters" QR code, we also reach out to your staff members on a regular basis to solicit feedback. Their insight and observations benefit not only the process but also your organization.


Adventist Health QR Code

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC QR Code

Adventist Health Feedback QR Code

Delight Your Patients with Convenient Communication!

The Excellence 24/7 SMS Patient Outreach, a patient-friendly and cost-effective system that will produce immediate results.


Can be used to solicit patient requests or
questions prior to their appointment…“We look forward to caring for you soon. Please use the link below to share with us any questions or requests that you may have prior to your appointment.”
Be prepared to WOW your patients by providing an experience focused on their special needs. Dramatically improve completion rates as patients arrive better prepared and on time for
their scheduled procedure.



Can be used to solicit immediate
feedback from patients while they are
within your facility…“We look forward to
caring for you today. Please use the link
below to share with us any observation
you may have while you are with us.”
Identify any patient issues that may arise and resolve them while the patient is still within your facility.


Synchronization Problem

Can be used to solicit immediate feedback
from patients post appointment…“Thank
you for allowing us to care for you today.
Please use the link below to share
commentson your experience.”
Identify dissatisfied patients immediately thus allowing you to initiate prompt service recovery efforts.


Text Message Icon

Texting could become a hospital’s most invaluable communication tool. Over 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt while emails are opened at an average rate of just 22%. Patients are more likely to open relevant texts than emails. Take advantage of this high open rate to send targeted, powerful messages to your patients. Every hospital can benefit from increased speed in communication and the decreased chance of apprehension or confusion.

A quick SMS to your patients to provide feedback about the quality of their latest visit could save a hospital from a poor patient satisfaction score or a bad review on social media. If patients can air grievances easily and hospitals can respond quickly; it will lead to improved scores and positive reviews.

Excellence 24/7 has always been keen on customer service and innovation. Our services make a difference by adding value for our customers and convenience to their patients’ lives every day.


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