"Excellence in healthcare requires collaboration between the provider side and the patient as well as his or her family.
Excellence 24/7's Patient Outreach provides an effective method of obtaining and effectively utilizing access to the collaborative process." Leigh I. G. Iverson, MD (May 2017)

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Improved Patient Satisfaction By the Numbers

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula

According to information published by Diagnostic Imaging in October 2016, the overall quality rating of the radiology department improved as follows: (Updated with 2017 data as of February 2018)

  2014 2015 2016 2017
Percentile 77.2 92.0 92.2 95.8

According to the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development, "On a national scale, the Radiology Department went from the 69th percentile in 2016 to the 90th percentile in 2017 among hospitals receiving patient satisfaction ratings of 'excellent' for 'overall quality.' For 2017, 83.08 percent of people surveyed rated the overall quality of the departments surveyed as 'excellent' and another 14 percent rated it as either 'good' or 'very good.'”

Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula

As published in Diagnostic Imaging, October 2016, Updated February 2018

Overall Quality

Community Hospital earned 5 stars - the most possible - in Overall Hospital Quality Star Rating from Medicare in 2016. 

Graded on 64 measures in patient care quality and experience. 

  • Only 112 out of 3,693 eligible hospitals in the entire nation.
  • The only 5-star-rated, full-service hospital in central and northern California. 

Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, Radiology

The radiology department saw a change in Press Ganey scores only four months after implementing the Excellence 24/7 Patient Outreach Process (E24/7).

  Prior to E24/7 Implementation Four Months After E24/7 Percent Change
  Very Good
(Highest Possible Rating)
Very Good
(Highest Possible Rating)
Overall Assessment 69.40% 79.00% 13.83%
Overall Rating Of Care 69.00% 79.20% 14.78%
Likelihood Of Recommending 70.20% 81.20% 15.67%
Child Patient with Doctor

Sustainable Improvement in Patient Satisfaction

The Excellence 24/7 Patient Outreach Program provides monthly reports to customers that include an analysis of tactical and strategic responses. Tactical issues are patient specific and typically require one-on-one interaction with the patient for full resolution. Strategic responses are repetitive and actionable. Strategic planning is important because it provides direction for the Facility to initiate plans and influence activities to be proactive rather than reactive.

Year-over-year comparison data from an existing customer details the results of action plans implemented by the customer to target and resolve strategic issues as identified by Excellence 24/7. The most significant finding in this assessment is the dramatic decline in strategic issues reported by patients in the during-appointment and post-appointment responses.

Recognizing the impact of the Excellence 24/7 Patient Outreach Process in the short term certainly amplifies the long term results. Ongoing refinement of the process as the level of care improves and new issues are identified, exemplifies the sustained improvement in overall patient satisfaction year over year.

  2017 Totals 2018 Total YOY Change
Pre-appointment Tactical 230 372 61.7%
 Pre-appointment Strategic  288  392 36.1% 
During appointment Tactical 33 60 81.8%
 During appointment Strategic 13   2  -84.6%
Post-appointment Tactical 104 176 69.2%
Post-appointment Strategic 65 16 -75.4%
Totals 733 1018 38.9%

Improved Completion Rates

Community Hospital has been operating with the full implementation of the outpatient pre-engagement process for US, CT, and MRI across three locations for 18 months. With a previous no-show rate of 3-5%, the number of no shows is now almost 0%. (Included are patients that arrived for the scheduled procedure but were not able to complete based on a variety of factors.)

Significant not only to achieve operational efficiency but for patient satisfaction and return on investment.