Leigh I. G. Iverson, MD (May 2017)

Leigh I. G. Iverson, MD, ACS Fellow 5 stars
"Excellence in healthcare requires collaboration between the provider side and the patient as well as his or her family. Excellence 24/7's P
atient Outreach provides an effective method of obtaining and effectively utilizing access to the collaborative process."


How has Excellence 24/7 impacted our department? Ours is a radiology department at one of America's top 10 pediatric hospitals. So, we must be doing a pretty good job, right? Well we were, but we could, of course, do better. But it wasn't until we began a trial with Excellence 24/7 that we saw just how much better our radiology department could be and how much more we could do to serve our patients. Quantitatively we experienced customer satisfaction scores higher than we had ever seen. The scores continued a steady upward trend month after month. But the element that can't so easily be measured, that intangible special something that you don't see on graphs was present too. There is a real feel of an entire culture shift. The appreciation shown by the parents was off the charts. People reported that they felt that they were being genuinely cared for. What were we doing differently? By utilizing Excellence 24/7's pre-surveys we were able to give our scheduled out patients the opportunity to ask questions and address concerns before they arrived for their visit. This was also liberating for the clinicians; we could know of a patient's special needs and requests before he or she arrived and prepare accordingly. Regarding the post-surveys, no longer did we need to wait for 4--6 weeks to know is we had fallen below a guest's expectations. We could know within minutes of their procedure's completion. We could then reach out to the patient's family and receive invaluable feedback from them. We could then make it right or change our process if needed. Many of the post survey concerns that have been brought to our attention have had a rippling effect and many patients have benefited from just one person bringing something to our attention. Our motto has become "we can't fix it, if we don't know it's broken..." Excellence 24/7 has been a wonderful tool to help assist with our customer's experience.

Helen Bradley RT (R) (VI) ARRT, President PSRT, Lead Technologist, Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC

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Dr. Leigh Iverson

The communication tool afforded to patients by the Excellence 24/7 patient Outreach Process more conveniently allows them to cancel or reschedule a scheduled appointment or procedure ahead of time, thus allowing the provider to utilize the time for another patient. This can provide a significant positive impact on the health care providers bottom line.

This improved communication between the patient and provider decreases the fear factor and improves cooperation between the patient and care provider.

The primary cause of malpractice lawsuits is anger, not malpractice. This added level of communication facilitated by Excellence 24/7 may as well significantly decrease the incidence of the "frivolous lawsuit" thus providing numerous benefits to the healthcare provider.

Dr. Leigh Iverson, ACS Fellow, is a thoracic and cardiac surgeon in Oakland, California. He received his medical degree from University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health and has been in practice for more than 20 years.

Hello Lisa, 

We discussed some of the accomplishments of Children’s Radiology and comparing months in 2017 and 2018, and I wanted to provide you with a little data that shows some progress in satisfaction scores due to the work we have put in within the department in addition to utilizing the Excellence 24/7 tool. 

  • Reduced MRI Cancellations through scheduling and clinical collaboration - MRI (Main) OP cancellations decreased by 10.06% since prior year; MRI (South Satellite) OP cancellations decreased by 12.81% since prior year 
  • 438 Star Performers named by Radiology Leadership resulting from Excellence 24/7 feedback as of September! Some employees were named multiple times – Great Staff recognition! 
  • Increased patient satisfaction - Met/Exceeded Patient Expectations 90.21% in Excellence 24/7 Patient Feedback responses (1,087 positive / 1,205 overall responses)

Thank you for assisting us with surveys tailored to meet our families’ requests, allowing us to proactively reach out to families. We have been able to meet the needs of our families and help them better prepare for upcoming visits. In addition, we are happy that our staff are being named as Star Performers exceeding expectations. This is fabulous for staff recognition and enhances the employee experience as Leaders engage with front line staff for providing excellent care!

Kristen Harman R.T.(R)(MR)(ARRT) MRSO (MRSC™)
Director, Imaging Services
UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh

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